Susan Kotler

Water Media Painting, Mixed Media Photography, Music, Poetry, and Video


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Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery

This gallery has paintings from the “Riparian” series, watercolor paintings from the Fluent Lucidity and Natural Nocturnes series, several Watermedia abstract acrylic paintings, and a few mixed media photography pieces.  The gallery is located in the Historic District of Carson City, Nevada at 

405 North Nevada Street.

Poetry Music Videos

  Please visit the Poetry Videos page on this website for links to the Vimeo website.


Please visit the Music page on this website for links to my compositions on Sound Cloud. 

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Updated 23 March 2018


I have been working on a couple of new artworks for the Year of the Dog show at Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery in May, but mostly writing poetry and original musical compositions for my accordion.  I will be posting the compositions and maybe even some performance videos in the next month or so. 

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