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Latest Music!

Travel with the caravan across the Indian subcontinent!  Take a listen to the revised/remixed version of my instrumental composition, “Crossing the Subcontinent,” on Bandcamp and Soundcloud now, other streaming services to follow.

  Latest Artwork!

My latest acrylic painting, “Wintergreen and Summerbrown,” was inspired by the winter season on the Central Coast of California.  I wrote the first draft of the poem, then started the painting which then took on a life of its own, which resulted in revision of the poem, which then resulted in changes in the painting!  I captured this synergistic dialogue in words and paint. 

Wintergreen and summerbrown
The seasons here are upside down
Through emerald and ochre waves
The naked branches nighttime sway
And turn

into blood roots by day
As the sun becomes the stars

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All visual artworks, videos, poems, and musical compositions are copyrighted by me and may not be used or reproduced in any form without my written permission.

Updated 10 May 2023

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