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What’s New?

New Artwork!

Continuing my exploration of digital imaging technologies, “Ah! Sun-Flower Weary of Time” and “Sparkalyptus” are the latest pieces in a new “fluid scanographs” series.  Expanding on the technique of scanning objects arranged on the flatbed scanner and adding digital images of textures, as I did in my Seasonal Bouquet series, I am now adding actual media to create textures and light effects, such as drops of water on crushed plastic sheeting or by placing objects in a tray of soda water and adding various materials to the background.  Other works in this fluid scanograph series are posted on the Mixed Media Photo/Scanographs page.

Music News!

My award-winning song, “Crooked Tree,” continues to receive accolades. It was just reviewed in a popular French culture blog!  Here’s the link to the review and the translation -

Susan Kotler gives us a title at the crossroads of genres. Crooked Tree is a musical whiff that opens our minds and calls for nostalgia. We thought a lot about artists like Joan Osborne who introduced very folkloric elements into some of his titles. The title is very rootsy, very dark and we can't explain why, we think of Strange Fruit, that we also think of all the popular American imagery of cowboys and gold diggers. There is experience, strength, soul. It is a genre that can be listened to quietly and with headphones. A musical journey and a great discovery. Other titles like True Nature share this same very dramatic and very dark tone. Do not hesitate to listen to them!

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All visual artworks, videos, poems, and musical compositions are copyrighted by me and may not be used or reproduced in any form without my written permission.

Updated 15 September 2022

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